Due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, citizens of the great state of Illinois have been given a stay-at-home order by Governor J.B. Pritzker until at least April 30. The lack of foot traffic means fewer people shopping. This impacts thousands of business owners and employees, as many have been forced to close their doors until the order has been lifted.

However, most Illinois cannabis dispensaries are open, as they have been deemed “essential.”  Some are open to both medical and recreational consumers, while others like MOCA in Logan Square and Dispensary 33 in Chicago are only serving medical patients until further notice.  Many dispensaries like Mindful Dispensary in Addison strongly encourage you to order online due to Covid-19 concerns.

Under Governor Pritzker’s decree, dispensaries are deemed to be essential business operations, and this has kept the marijuana business booming during this period. Dispensary businesses even noticed a sharp spike just before the quarantine began. Since the “Shelter At Home” order in IL and around the country, folks have been buying seeds so they can grow their own medicine.  And let’s be honest, it sure makes staying at home a lot easier.

While the dispensaries continue to do business, they do have to change the way they operate. A mandatory 6 feet spacing between customers has been implemented to avoid lines becoming too congested, reducing the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. Medical customers can retrieve their product much in the same way restaurants deploy their meals with a curbside pickup method.

In many dispensaries, medical customers can now place their orders ahead of time, online. The customer can then pick up their ready-to-go product, thus reducing the number of people in the stores and the overall risk of transmission. It should be noted, however, that registered medical card holders take priority when it comes to fulfilling orders. Sanitization has been a huge priority for dispensaries. Staff is required to disinfect their hands after every transaction and physical distance is implemented among employees as well.

You can rest assured that during this lockdown period, Mosca Seeds is ready to meet your medical and recreational orders for seeds while implementing the highest standards of sanitization. Our procedures during Covid-19 include wiping all surfaces with disinfectants, having packaging and products kept in a sanitized area, and wearing gloves at all times. For more information, feel free to visit our website, and make your quarantine a much more enjoyable one. What better time to start growing your own at home than now?