Cinderella 99/BX

Cinderella99 BX:  The Cinderella99 BX is the result of recombining two distinctly different Cinderella 99 inbred lines and then backcrossing multiple generations which has given rise to a consistent Pineapple phenotype. It was primarily bred for indoor cultivation but great results have been reported outside. This strain produces extremely high yielding monsters with heavy branching and long tight, solid buds when grown properly.   Cindy99’s high is heavily influenced by Haze, clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive.

Lineage: Cinderella 99 x Cinderella 99

Sativa vs. Indica: 65%/35%

THC: Not Tested

Flower Time:  50-55 days for a Cerebral Head high– 60-65 days for a heavy indica body high

Yield: Above average yields of crystal covered buds

Flavor: Pineapple & tropical fruit aromas

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