Wax, a type of cannabis concentrate, earns its moniker from its distinctive appearance and texture, characterized by an opaque look and a dense, malleable consistency reminiscent of wax. This concentrated form of marijuana is renowned for its reported purity, ranging from 82% to an astonishing 99.7% pure THC, making it significantly more potent than traditional cannabis buds, which typically range from 5% to 28% THC.

Marijuana wax undergoes a unique extraction process that involves agitation, leading the oil to crystallize and solidify. The resulting texture varies, from gooey and creamy, known as budder, to a harder, flaky consistency called crumble or honeycomb. Top-tier waxes often exhibit a softer, amber-toned quality.

For cannabis enthusiasts seeking an elevated experience characterized by both intensity and superior flavor, wax delivers a potent psychoactive encounter. With cannabinoid concentrations and THC content averaging between 60% and 80%, even a small amount of wax offers a substantial impact.

Smoked using a dab rig or vaped, cannabis wax is a user-friendly concentrate that stands out for its ease of use. In contrast to shatter, it maintains a cohesive form without breaking into small, impractical pieces, and it is firmer than oil, ensuring a hassle-free experience on a dab nail.