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SCROG: Rooted in a blend of science and craftsmanship, SCROG is more than just a technique and is recognized as an art form promising a lush, even canopy of flourishing cannabis buds. Many growers choose to elevate their cannabis growing experience by learning to SCROG. Whether you’re a novice seeking basics or an expert aiming for refinement, to SCROG can unlock the full potential of your cannabis plants.

What is SCROG?

SCROG, an acronym for “Screen of Green,” stands as a renowned cannabis growing technique embraced for its efficiency and yield-boosting capabilities. At its core, SCROG is a method of low-stress training, maximizing light exposure and optimizing limited grow space. But what sets it apart in the expansive world of cannabis cultivation?


The roots of the SCROG technique lie in the desire to extract maximum productivity from confined grow spaces. Recognizing cannabis plants’ tendency to focus growth energy on a single main cola or top bud, cultivators devised a method to manipulate this natural inclination for greater yield. SCROG ensures the development of multiple budding sites, resulting in a sea of evenly developed buds across the canopy—thus, the term “screen of green.”

The Screen or Trellis:

The hallmark of the SCROG technique is the screen or trellis, strategically positioned about 15 inches above young cannabis seedlings. This grid, crafted from string, wire, or nylon, serves as a guide and support structure. As cannabis plant branches gently push through the screen, they are trained to spread horizontally, deviating from their natural vertical growth pattern.