A “dab rig,” sometimes referred to simply as a “rig,” is a specialized water pipe used for consuming cannabis extracts or dabs. This device filters cannabis vapor through water, similar to a traditional bong. Dabbing, closely related to vaping, specifically involves inhaling the vapor produced by heating cannabis concentrates, such as oil or wax, on a nail or heating element. The nail is heated using a torch, and the concentrate is then applied to the nail when it is hot. Be ready to inhale the vapor as soon as your wax hits the nail because it’ll start to vaporize immediately.

Dab rigs and torches are often sold separately, although some sets include both components. If you’re new to dabbing, you might prefer a complete dab rig set that includes everything you need, like the torch and dabber. Many enthusiasts prefer to customize their rig by choosing individual components, allowing for a unique experience. Safety is paramount when using a dab rig, so always exercise caution when heating the nail with a torch and clean your rig regularly to prevent clogs and overheating.