“Pre-run” refers to dry cannabis flower before it is processed to turn into a cannabis extract. It refers to the natural marijuana plant product, either buds or trim. Extracts made with trim are called “trim-runs,” and extracts made with buds are called “bud-runs.”
Pre-run is the initial step in the cannabis extraction process, specifically in the context of producing concentrates and extracts. During the pre-run phase, the extraction equipment is prepared, cleaned, and conditioned before introducing the cannabis plant material. This step ensures that the equipment is free of any residual contaminants or impurities from previous runs, which could affect the quality and purity of the final concentrate.
The pre-run process involves flushing the extraction system with solvents or other cleaning agents to create a clean and controlled environment for the extraction process. By effectively conducting a pre-run, extractors can maximize the quality and potency of the resulting cannabis concentrate.