Hand whipping is a process used on cannabis extracts, typically oils, performed towards the end of the extraction process that agitates, or hand whips, the oil into a waxy substance. This agitation with hand tools causes THCA to break away from the oil and crystallize, which creates more of a “budder” like texture as compared to extraction that uses chemical solvents.

Extracting with solvents like butane strips the oils from the cannabis plant that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids and results in more of a translucent and runny texture. They may not have as strong of an aroma as hand-whipped concentrates because the terpenes were not released with agitation.

Hand whipping the oil results in more of an opaque, waxy concentrate, usually called wax or budder. The terpenes will divide from the cannabinoids once the budder or wax begins to form, they get sticky and then conglomerate together, which gives the extract a waxy texture. Some people compare the consistency to peanut butter.

Wax and budder concentrates are highly potent, and a small amount can get a consumer very high very quickly. Beginners should exercise caution when using wax concentrates for the first time.