A dugout, in the context of cannabis consumption, is a compact and discreet carrying case designed to hold a one-hitter pipe and a small chamber of ground cannabis. This all-in-one kit is a convenient solution for on-the-go smokers, allowing them to easily extract the one-hitter, pack it with bud from the chamber, and discreetly enjoy a quick smoke.

Key features and characteristics of a cannabis dugout include:

One-Hitter Pipe: The dugout typically includes a small, cigarette-shaped pipe known as a one-hitter. This pipe is used to consume small amounts of ground cannabis in a single hit.

Chamber for Ground Cannabis: The dugout’s chamber holds a quantity of ground cannabis, making it readily available for packing the one-hitter.
Compact and Discreet: Dugouts are designed to resemble small boxes, providing a discreet and portable way to carry both the one-hitter and cannabis. They are often made of wood or other materials, with a container that has been gouged out to create a compartment, giving rise to the name “dugout.”
Historical Significance: Dugouts have a historical connection to the 1970s when cannabis use was illegal in many places. Their inconspicuous design and convenience made them a popular choice among discreet cannabis enthusiasts.

Dugouts offer a practical and inconspicuous way for individuals to enjoy cannabis while on the move. The combination of a one-hitter and a chamber for ground cannabis ensures a quick and easy smoking experience.

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