A domeless nail, often referred to simply as a “dab nail,” is a crucial component of a dab rig used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. In contrast to domed nails, domeless nails are open and do not have an additional glass dome piece. They play a fundamental role as the heating element for wax or shatter, producing vapor for inhalation through the dab rig.

The key features of a domeless nail include:

Open Design: Domeless nails lack an additional glass dome, making them open and exposed. They are commonly used in modern dab rigs.
Carb Cap Usage: To regulate airflow and ensure efficient vaporization, domeless nails often require the use of a carb cap, a small cover that can be placed over the nail.

The process of using a domeless nail involves heating it to red-hot levels using a blowtorch. Once properly heated, the wax or shatter is applied directly to the scorching nail’s surface, resulting in the production of vapor. This vapor is then inhaled through the dab rig by the user.

Domeless nails come in various shapes and styles, allowing users to select the one that best suits their preferences. One crucial consideration when choosing a domeless nail is the “gender.” This refers to how the nail is affixed to the glass joint, which acts as the hinge between the dab rig and the nail. Domeless nails can be categorized as either “female” or “male,” depending on how they attach to the glass joint.