Growing quality cannabis plants requires the proper use of nutrients, which is really all you need to grow amazing, bountiful bud. It can get more complicated than that, however, with a variety of supplements on the market that may not fix a problem but can further enhance your growing experience.

You should educate yourself on when and how to use supplements properly as adding supplements that are not necessary could cause more harm than good like adding a PK booster when your plants already have a full strength base which could burn or even kill your plants. Supplements that have specific uses for the plant make the biggest difference like using a root supplement which is important when growing hydroponic to protect roots against root rot, although it won’t make much of a difference if your plants are already being attacked by root rot. Some supplements benefit your plants if growing in coco coir, and silica supplements can strengthen your plant’s cell walls and stems, although again will not make much of a difference if your plants don’t need it and can get deposited in buds that cannot be flushed out. You should not use a silica supplement if you see bud formation and may not be necessary at all if you use stakes to help support your plants. Some supplements can also cause plants to herm, or grow male flowers, but typically occurs in strains already prone to herming.