Pollen sacs of the reproductive organs found on male cannabis plants that contain the male genetic material necessary to fertilize female plants. Only female plants produce the buds with the qualities and cannabinoids we know and love, and without pollination, will grow buds without seeds, sinsemilla.

Male plants are used to cross with new females for cannabis genetics to make new strains. Pollen is a fine, powdery substance that carries the male plant’s reproductive cells, and just one male plant can pollinate tens of female plants, which will then grow seeds that contain the genes from both the male and female plants.

You want to be careful growing marijuana plants near any type of hemp farm as hemp pollen can drift for miles and contaminate marijuana crops. Most growers don’t like to see seeds in their buds, so if growing with regular seeds they must weed out the males and grow them separately to prevent pollination. Growers can avoid this by using feminized or autoflowering seeds.