Hash is a solventless cannabis extract made from the trichomes on buds during physical manipulation or temperature changes without the use of chemicals or solvents. Hash is typically a dark green or brown color and comes in a ball or a brick, and because it’s a cannabis extract, hash has a higher level of THC than flower.

Making hash has been practiced for centuries, and hash can be smoked in different ways, like putting in a dab rig or sprinkled on top of flower and smoked. There are a couple of different simple ways to make hash, and anyone can make it, although any other concentrates should be purchased by licensed, experienced technicians.

Dry sift hash is essentially a refined form of kief which is a collection of refined resin glands and trichomes that pass through multiple screens and fine meshes. The powdery resin can be added to flower and smoked to increase potency or can be pressed into traditional hash or rosin to dab.

Bubble hash is made by putting cannabis buds in ice water to freeze the trichomes, which break off during agitation. The resulting liquid is filtered through a series of fine mesh bags to accumulate resin which is then dried and known as bubble hash.

You should never attempt to make solvent extracts on your own and buy concentrates only from a licensed cannabis store where products are tested to avoid harmful contaminants.