Just like macronutrients, cannabis plants require countless other nutrients to thrive including amino acids. Amino acids play a key role in the synthesis of protein. Proteins help plants to promote generation of energy, stimulate the metabolic process and facilitate nutrient uptake. Plants need to create their own amino acids to build protein. Amino acids help plants to:

  • Increase chlorophyll production to improve photosynthesis
  • Stimulate synthesis of key vitamins
  • Boost cell strength
  • Improve resistance to disease and pests
  • Easily absorb nitrogen

Amino acids work with antioxidants to help plants deal with stress which can be caused by high levels of CO2, some nutrients and high-intensity lighting. Other stress factors can affect a plant’s ability to produce amino acids such as extreme temperatures, drought, lack of space, disease, pests, poor lighting, and poor soil and root health. Foliar application of amino acids is beneficial and a fast way for plants to absorb amino acids through their leaves. Always measure any fertilizer carefully as any overuse can damage your plants.