Connecticut has a lot to offer with natural beauty on the Atlantic coast, many serene yet amazing state parks and world-class vineyards.  Add legalized cannabis to the list and you can see why people love the Constitution State.  Since Connecticut made recreational pot legal in July of 2021, many people want to know what the laws are for growing Cannabis in Connecticut.

Growing Marijuana in Connecticut

Connecticut legalized medical marijuana a decade ago in 2012, and just recently became the 18th state to legalize adult use, recreational marijuana in 2021.  The laws for growing your own cannabis in Connecticut vary whether you are a medical marijuana patient, or an adult recreational user.

Growing Medical Cannabis in Connecticutcannabis seeds

It has just recently become legal for medical marijuana patients to grow their own medicinal cannabis effective October 1st of 2021. Medical cannabis patients are now allowed to grow up to three mature plants, and three immature plants, for a total of six plants. Caregivers are also allowed to assist with cultivation for a qualifying patient. Each household with more than one medical marijuana patient will be capped at growing 12 plants total.

All home growing of medical cannabis in Connecticut must be conducted indoors, in the patient’s primary own residence, and cannot be visible from the street. Home growers in Connecticut must ensure that no one under the age of 21 has access to the plants. If you are excited to grow your own medical marijuana in Connecticut, learn more about growing your own plants, and remember, quality plants start with quality seeds.

Growing Recreational Cannabis in Connecticut

With the legalization of adult use, recreational marijuana for people 21 and over in Connecticut, many recreational users want to know if they can start growing their own pot at home. The answer is not yet, but there is only about another year to wait until you can cultivate your own marijuana. Recreational cannabis users who want to grow their own marijuana in Connecticut can do so on or after July 2, 2023.

Adult use, recreational home growing must also be conducted indoors, in your primary residence, where no one under the age of 21 can access your plants and with no visibility of the plants from the street.

Legal Recreational Pot in Connecticut

With cannabis friendly legislation passed last July 2021, Connecticut residents 21 and older can now legally possess and have on their person up to 1.5 ounces of pot, or up to 5 ounces if it is locked in a glove compartment or trunk of their car or a locked container in their residence.

Cannabis connoisseurs in Connecticut look forward to recreational sales which have been slated to begin midyear 2022, as local municipalities implement the new laws and iron out the details.  Be prepared with quality cannabis seeds available from Mosca, offering potent indica and exciting sativa strains, produced from the finest cannabis seed genetics.

High-Quality Cannabis Seeds for Growing in Connecticut  

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