Feminized Autos (3 seeds/pack)



Creme de la Chem x Tyrone Stomper

Another brand new F1 hybrid using 2 potent parents.  THis corss will bring extremely frosty and gassy, rotten fruit scents.  Expect golf ball sized disco ball nugs with brilliant bag appeal.


Grape Crinkle x Skywalker

She has a Grape a nice balance of Sativa in her, and the structure reflects that. She grows quite openly, with not too much foliage and takes well to training. As a minimum we would recommend paying attention to leaf tucking in order to expose the shoots below and aid their growth. She can quite easily become a plant with many colas. She’s pretty stress free to grow just treat her well and she’ll reward you handsomely. 


Cheech Wizard  (Green Curry OG x Snow Lotus) x Auto Walker

Pinball Wizard can be enjoyed in small doses without being completely narcotic, but if night time meds are what you are after she can definitely fill that role. Larger doses of her will leave you couch bound and down for hours, while mental acuity is still intact. When consumed in smaller doses she’s an all-around amazing herb, adding to pleasure to even the most humdrum tasks. 


        Walter White x Tyrone Stomper

The third installment in the White Stomper series, White Stomper version 3. Walter White and Tyrone Stomper face off head to head in a who can bring more frost, no holds barred grudge match!

Snowy white nugs, intense violet fades, and Christmas tree structure will make this match up one for the ages! She’ll bring creamy grape flavors, with some occasional gas in the mix.


Zamaldelica (Zamal x Malawi x Meao) x Fantasmo Express

This is the truest landrace sativa autoflower that has ever been created. Zamal Island Express has had the work and time put in to remove the headaches commonly associated with such involved landrace sativa projects. Each generation was meticulously monitored for hermaphroditic tendencies. If anything questionable popped up that plant was immediately removed from evaluation.

The airy structure associated with most landrace based sativa varieties can also be a turn off to those that judge quality on looks, so she was worked to find a nice middle ground between the landrace and modern hybrid style flowers.

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